Laser Diode Drivers

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Current sources for CW, modulated, QCW & (pulsed modes)


Output Current: 0-20 A
Output Voltage: 0.5-45 V

Base price:495.00 CHF
Sales price: 495.00 CHF
Total without tax:495.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


Output Current: 0-20 A
Output Voltage: 1-120 V

Base price:850.00 CHF
Sales price: 850.00 CHF
Total without tax:850.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


Output Current: 0-75 A
Output Voltage: 0-70 V

Base price:1350.00 CHF
Sales price: 1350.00 CHF
Total without tax:1350.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


Output Current: 0-15 A
Output Voltage: 0-15 V

Base price:1103.00 CHF
Sales price: 1103.00 CHF
Total without tax:1103.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


Output Current: 0-1.5 A
Output Voltage: 0-15 V

Base price:1040.00 CHF
Sales price: 1040.00 CHF
Total without tax:1040.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


Output Current: 0-30 A
Output Voltage: 0-27 V

Base price:1260.00 CHF
Sales price: 1260.00 CHF
Total without tax:1260.00 CHF
Tax amount:
Total Tax:
Price / kg:


LDD-1301 imageLDD-1301
LDD-1303 imageLDD-1303
LDD-1137 imageLDD-1137
LDD-1124 imageLDD-1124-SV
LDD-1121 imageLDD-1121-SV
LDD-1125 imageLDD-1125-HV
DC InputMax
Output Current
Output Voltage
Operation ModeDatasheet
10.5 - 48 V 20 A
(<0.5 %)
0.5 - 45 V 1 ms - CW
10.5 - 48 V 20 A 1 - 120 V 1 ms - CW
18 - 75 V 75 A
(<0.2 %)
0 - 70 V 0.5 µs - CW, modulated, QCW and pulsed modes
12 - 24 V 1.5 A
(<0.1 %)
0 - 15 V 0.3 µs - CW, modulated, QCW und pulsed modes
12 - 24 V 15 A
(<0.1 %)
0 - 15 V 0.5 µs - CW, modulated, QCW und pulsed modes
12 - 36 V 30 A
(<0.2 %)
0 - 27 V 1 µs - CW, modulated, QCW und pulsed modes

Selection Guide

This is a product orientation guide and not a specification. Verify all data in this document with the device data sheets found at

Our Laser Diode Driver

Meerstetter Laser diode drivers / Laser diode controllers are known worldwide for its precise and fast PID control. They can serve as Laser driver for a single Laser, as well as for a Laser diode array. Further on, our Laser diode power supply circuit does not consist of a Laser driver IC / Laser diode driver IC. It’s a well-designed Laser diode power supply that has several safety options and interfaces integrated and can drive various currents with high accuracy.

Therefore, customers in High-Tech industries, Research Labs and Medicine don’t design their Laser driver board on their own, they obtain Meerstetter OEM Laser drivers.

Our OEM Laser driver boards are available, depending on the model, both as a pulsed diode Laser driver / Laser diode pulse driver and as a CW Laser driver, as well as both together in one. For exact descriptions see chart above.

Laser Diode Driver FAQ

Laser Diode Driver (LDD) are electronic components that are necessary to drive laser diodes, similar to LEDs, with the necessary current. Depending on the application, the LDD can drive the laser diode with continuous wave (CW driver), in pulsed mode (laser diode pulse driver) or quasi continuous wave (QCW driver). For laboratory applications, table-top devices are often used. OEM LDDs are available for more individual solutions.
Laser Diode Driver (LDD) for high-tech applications control the output current with an analogue or digital PID control circuit so that it is linear, noise-free and highly accurate. For this purpose, the LDD control circuit processes various measurement data on the driven laser diode (e.g. light intensity) with the setpoint and the existing output current in order to obtain the optimum direct current for the laser diode. Such control circuits protect the controlled laser diode from damage and ensure a highly constant laser beam.
Specifically, a Laser Diode Power Supply (or Laser Diode Driver) is a very accurate DC source. The circuit consists of, among other things, a switching power supply, a (PID) regulator and an output filter. The important thing is: small ripple, little interference and high efficiency. Because the development of such circuits ties up a lot of resources, manufacturers of laser systems purchase OEM LDDs. This shortens the development time and brings the final product to market more quickly.
High-quality laser driver board(s), or laser diode drivers, consist of sophisticated PID control, safety functions and interfaces. User-friendly operation is ensured by software with GUI. It takes a lot of time and manpower to develop all this. That is why it is worthwhile not to develop a laser driver board yourself and to buy an OEM laser diode driver instead.
Laser Diode Driver IC (or Laser Driver IC) are LDD that are packed as an integrated circuit in a small package (e.g. SFF). Users therefore benefit, for example, from the smallest design, reduced power consumption and lower costs.
In contrast, a laser driver board (or OEM laser diode controller, LDD) offers more interfaces, extended software and of course more power as well as several modes such as CW and pulsed on one board.