Laser Spectroscopy driver with integrated receiver and high-fidelity data processing on board and TEC Controller

Laser and Temperature Controller LTC-1141
LDD Output Current
TEC Controller Object Sensor Type
LDD Analog Input

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This driver is controlled by a fast and very flexible DSP unit and especially suitable for QCL. The device combines the functionality of a laser diode current controller and a TEC controller on a single board.

Detailed Description

This QCL controller is designed to support Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL). The device combines the functionality of a laser diode current controller and a TEC controller on a single board.

The TEC controller is based on our proven TEC-Family controllers, and the current controller is the result of a new development of a high-speed and low-noise current source.

The core of this innovative design contains a very powerful processing system (dual core processor and programmable logic), featuring two A/D converters (100 MSPS, 16 bit) and two D/A converters (200 MSPS, 16 bit). Various digital I/O ports offer many control and connectivity options. The built-in function generator allows modulation of the laser diode current – fast digital signal processing allows a current modulation of up to 0.5 MHz.

The QCL controller can be used for synchronous sampling and measuring as well as on-board data processing. There is capacity for a custom user application using software programmability of the ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor and the hardware programmability of an FPGA.

Communication with the LTC-1141 is possible using data interfaces. PC software for controlling and DSO functionality is included and the communication protocol is open. This powerful QCL controller provides high flexibility for meeting different requirements.

Technical data

Supply Voltage 12-24 V
Diode Voltage up to 14 V
Diode Current Ranges 1.5 A, 500 mA or 150 mA
Modulation Bandwidth 0.5 MHz
TEC Voltage 0 to ±16 V
TEC Current 0 to ±4 A
Communication Gbit Ethernet, USB 2.0, RS485
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 mm x 90 mm x 22 mm
Mains Input (AC) 100..240V / 50..60Hz
Typical Applications Spectroscopy
Medical diagnostics
Chemical analysis
General measurement systems