LDD-1301 - coming 1st quarter 2022

CW Laser Diode Driver with Laser Power Control [LPC optional]
0-20 A / 1.5-45 V


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The first new developed CW Laser Diode Driver LDD-1301 from Meerstetter Engineering. Newly developed Power Stage optimized for CW, while still using the proven and stable ME-COM interface protocol.
If you are interested in the LDD-1301, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Detailed Description

The LDD-1301 (20A-45V) is a laser diode driver optimized for CW. New eGaN FETs enable fast driving and high efficiency.

A new processor allows for more interfaces, more precise timing, additional features, and more, while maintaining the 1.8 mA resolution with much higher current and very low ripple.

Equipped with optional light measurement circuitry, the LDD-1301-LPC can also be operated as a Laser Power Controller (LPC). All Laser Diode Drivers offer various safety features, including an input for laser diode temperature monitoring. They are fully digitally controlled; their firmware is upgradeable to offer various communication options and to meet specific customer requirements.

Technical data (Prelimenary)

Supply Voltage 0-53 V DC
Supply Current 0-19 A DC
Output Voltage 1.5-45 V
Output Current 0-20 A, <0.2% Ripple
CW Current Control Configurable PID
CW Current Resolution 1.8 mA
Configuration / Diagnosis via USB (own PC-Software)
Efficiency 96% (@ >50% Load)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm

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