Laser Diode Driver with Laser Power Control [LPC optional]
0-10 A / 0-40 V High-Precision CW, QCW and Pulsed

Laser Diode Driver LDD-1125

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Precision driver for CW, QCW and pulsed operation, with internal signal generators for modulation and pulse. High efficiency and full digital control. Can also be used as a digitally controlled power supply. Ultra-high voltage variant of the LDD-1121, optionally with Laser Power Control (LPC). If you are interested in the LPC option, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Detailed Description

The LDD-1125-UHV is a specialized laser diode driver able to precision-drive laser diodes in continuous and pulsed operation. Core element of the LDD's internal current source is the generation of highly precise 333 ps timing steps.

Equipped with optional light measurement circuitry, the LDD-1125-UHV-LPC can also be operated as a Laser Power Controller (LPC).

The LDD-1125-UHV is a modified version of our LDD-1125-HV. It is intended as a prototype device, that features ultra-high voltage. Please note that the specifications of this device are not guaranteed to be entirely accurate. Our new product, the LDD-1137, will be a device specifically designed to also support ultra-high voltage. We will release the LDD-1137 in the coming months, but if you need an ultra-high voltage device right now, the LDD-1125-UHV will surely be able to meet your requirements as well.

All LDD-1125s offer various safety features, including an input for laser diode temperature monitoring. They are fully digitally controlled; their firmware is upgradeable to offer various communication options and to meet specific customer requirements.

Technical data

Supply Voltage 12-48 V DC
Output Voltage 0-40 V
Output Current 0-10 A, <0.2% Ripple
Additional Information For more information regarding this device, please read the datasheet in the downloads

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